Cold Weather Days

Cold Weather DaysCold Weather Days

Dear Parent / Caregiver,

With winter upon us, it is a good idea to go over our cold weather policy at Rochester School. Please note: the decision to have inside/outside recesses is site based. When possible, it is best to send the students outside for recess. Research is very clear that having frequent outside breaks throughout the day improves the overall health and learning of the child.

Administration closely monitors the current weather conditions. We take into consideration the air temperature and the wind chill. Our cut-off temperature is -25 C. If the air temperature or the wind chill (or a combination of the two) brings it below this temperature, then it will be an inside recess.

Usually on cold days the sun is out and warms up the environment considerably by the afternoon recess. So it is fairly common that if it is an inside recess in the morning, it is an outside recess in the afternoon.

Regardless of the weather, in winter your child should always come to school with:

  • A warm winter jacket
  • Snow pants
  • A toque
  • Mitts or gloves
  • A neck warmer or a scarf
  • Winter boots

In that same vein, regarding transportation to and from school on the school bus, Aspen View Administrative Procedure 550, Section 1.2 states Parents (caregivers) are responsible to ensure that their child is appropriately dressed for weather conditions.

If you are having difficulty meeting these needs for your child, please let us know at the school. It would be our pleasure to help you out.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Rochester School Administration