Innovations 2015

Student ProjectStudent Project

Over the last several weeks, Rochester School students learned what it would have been like to live and work in the area 100 years ago. For this year’s innovation projects, students considered the theme “If I Knew Then What I Know Now”. Viewing the world of 1915 through the lens of 2015 knowledge and technology, many students pondered how to enhance the world of work and make lives easier in that era, and others focused on identifying and displaying the great changes made in specific technologies in the last century.

Several students learned to bake pastries and to make ice cream and candy using only the ingredients that would have been available to them in 1915. Others researched public and private transportation, and some even built working go-karts and pedal cars. On the industrial side, some students compared safety codes, wiring, and building foundations, while others looked at the actual furnishings and accessories available at that time. Many students initially believed that “returning” to 1915 with 2015 knowledge would allow them to make large changes and great enhancements very quickly, but they soon encountered a great challenge: tools they rely on in this century were not available then. Many “learning moments” were noted as students addressed and overcame challenges to complete their projects and showcase their results during an open house attended by parents, community members, and Aspen View trustees.

Rochester School’s Innovation projects correspond with the outcomes for project-based learning presented in Alberta Education’s incoming Career Technology Foundations (CTF) curriculum. This is the 2nd year Rochester students have participated in CTF Innovations and showcased their project results during an open house.